5 Basic Skill to close more deals in 2023

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📧🤳 Prospecting – Can’t get away from this one! It’s not easy these days. You have to find the right combination of cold emails, calls, and follow-ups. Tune out the noise of “cold calling/ email is dead” and find what works for you. 
📈 Presenting – This skill is undervalued. In a demo, virtual or face-to-face, most people have not figured out the art of presenting. 
A compelling presentation is more than just throwing out all the product information you have, it’s about guiding the customer.
🗣️ Positioning – How do you position your value? If you can position your product in a way that makes the customer say: “huh, never thought about it that way” you’re providing level insight AND proving you’re an expert in the field.
💸 Pricing – Pricing should be (almost) easy if you can get all the above right. Master the upsell and avoid discounting for a powerful boost to your bottom line. 
🎯 Persuasion encompasses all of these skills. Think about why clients don’t buy: high anxiety about making the wrong decision and low certainty that they’re making the right choice. 
As the salesperson and authority in this space, we ask the right questions and guide your client to see if you can help them. 
According to Brent Adamson, what holds most customers back is not so much your presentation, demo, positioning, etc. It’s a low confidence in themselves to make a buying decision. Maybe they made a bad decision in the past or didn’t ask the right question ahead of time. 
Our job is to imbue the customer with confidence that they’re making the right decision.

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