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3 Ways to thrive

Relieve their Pressure

Clients may be thinking about how they can cut back on budgets (reduce costs, layoffs, downsize). If there are fewer resources or employees, think about how you can step into this new void, and offer them product or technical training,  or onboarding. 


Help Struggling Clients

I had a client many years ago and they had made a sizeable investment in a wireless system. The system wasn’t performing, money was tight, and we were going through a recession. The GM of the facility contacted me and was upfront about their recent struggles.  We tried to find workaround to fit our product into his budget. We obviously couldn’t offer the top-tier product because he couldn’t afford it. But we found a process and design to meet at least their minimum needs.

Looking at the price point, we took just a 16% discount. It was a win-win (we made money) and he was able to repair and replace the old system and get his business running again.  


Access the C-Suite

One of my favorite things about a recession is that typically, less people are selling to your target companies. In the past, when I was going in to sell to a company, there were probably about 10-15 salespeople trying to get a meeting with that client. During a recession, there’s a lot less competition. What usually happens is the salespeople psyche themselves out; ” No one is buying this expensive plan during a recession, why try?”

But not you! You know that there’s always someone buying and you’ll never know if you don’t try. The chances of you getting a meeting with a decision maker increase because there’s less competition. 


Learn how to deliver value in your presentations and demos that the C-suite will respond to. Created by Victor Antonio, a former CEO, VP of Sales, and entrepreneur, Sales Velocity Academy can help you become more persuasive and give you the insight on what drives decision makers to pull the trigger on your solution. 

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