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As salespeople, we provide solutions and nudge (never push) our clients in a productive direction. 

You’ll become effortlessly persuasive once you understand buyer psychology, it’s easier than you think!

Completing this course will help you:

What Will I Get?

To influence and persuade a client to buy, you must first understand WHY they buy in the first place, and what they need from you.
Victor Antonio


If you're struggling to stand out from the crowd, influence decision makers, and get the upper hand in negotiations, this course is for you.


Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Tactic #1 – Issue Isn’t

Lesson 3: Tactic #2 – Issue Isn’t + Question

Lesson 4: Tactic #3 – I agree

Lesson 5: Tactic #4 – I agree + Issue Isn’t

Lesson 6: Tactic #5 – I almost agree

Lesson 7: Tactic #6 – Agree + Multiple Objections

Lesson 8: Tactic #7 – Power of But: Delete – Good News

Lesson 9: Review

Lesson 1: Introduction to Blocking Objections 

Lesson 2: Public Statement = Commitment; A Proven System 

Lesson 3: List of Typical Objections 

Lesson 4: The Response Blocking Objection Structure 

Lesson 5: Example #1 – Your price is too high  

Lesson 6: Example #2 – Your product is too complicated 

Lesson 7: Example #3 – You’re a small company 

Lesson 8: Reducing Resistance by Blocking Objections 

Lesson 1: Intro

Lesson 2: Listen More

Lesson 3: Mirroring

Lesson 4: Mirroring Examples

Lesson 5: Labeling

Lesson 6: Open Ended Questions

Lesson 7: Add Qualifiers

Lesson 8: Impossible Requests

Lesson 9: Getting to ‘No”

Lesson 10: Iceberg No

Lesson 11: Antagonize Prospects

Lesson 12: Better Than Yes

Lesson 13: Blocking Objections

Lesson 14: Deadline

Lesson 15:Fairness

Lesson 16: Checklist

Lesson 1: Information Overload

Lesson 2: Offering alternatives 

Lesson 3: Why Deals stall

Lesson 4: Sympathy vs. Empathy 

Lesson 5: Why Listening Works

Lesson 6: Preparation Matrix

Lesson 7: Providing Sales Insight

Lesson 8: Eye Contact Study 

Lesson 9: Sequencing Good and Bad News

Lesson 10: Disqualify Early 

Lesson 11: Negative and Positive Conversations 

Lesson 12: Going Off Script

Lesson 13: The Effects of Information Asymmetry

Lesson 1: Brain L.E.S

Lesson 2: Energy Hog

Lesson 3: Attention Span

Lesson 4: Brain Review

Lesson 5: Simplify Images

Lesson 6: Visual Analogies

Lesson 7: Contrast Machine

Lesson 8: Perceived Effort

Lesson 9: Data Dumping

Lesson 10: How to Pitch

Lesson 11: Heart of Change

Lesson 12: Summary

Lesson 1: Introduction to Sales Presence

Lesson 2: Influencing Clients to Listen and Act

Lesson 3: Why is Sales Presence important?

Lesson 4: Develop Authenticity 

Lesson 5: Using Boldness

Lesson 6: Framing the Conversation

Lesson 7: Developing a Narrative

Lesson 8: Have a Call-to-Action

Lesson 9: Defending Your Position

Lesson 10: Avoid Ventilating Modifiers

Lesson 11: The Enthusiasm Effect

Lesson 12: Body Language 

Lesson 13: Focusing Your Message

Lesson 14: Confidence and Conciseness

Lesson 15: How to Connect on a Personal Level

Lesson 16: Sustainable Presence

Lesson 1: Get Clients to Act

Lesson 2: Changing Expectations

Lesson 3: Sequence – Reduce Resistance + Gain Acceptance

Lesson 4: Understanding the Buying Brain 

Lesson 5: Three (3) Types of Buyers

Lesson 6: Motivating Complacent People (Hound Dog Analogy)

Lesson 7: Pain of the Same > Pain of Change 

Lesson 8: Quick Quiz 

Lesson 9: The Negative Effects of Perceived Effort 

Lesson 10: Case Study – Energy Saving Company

Lesson 11: Wrap up

25 Minutes

Knowing when a client reaches decision fatigue can be an advantage in your sales process.  When a client gets tired of making buying decisions, it’s best to give them an opportunity to recover before trying to upsell them.  This FastClass covers how to use this insight to sell more over a period of time.


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