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Presenting to a client is probably one of the most frequent skills you employ as a salesperson. 

You’ve put in all the effort to get the meeting or call… now you have to stick the landing with a persuasive presentation!

Completing this course will help you:

What Will I Get?

Create a persuasive presentation that ​ inspires action. ​

The presentation courses

Lesson 1: How to Deliver an Effective Sales Presentation

Lesson 2: Setting up a Sales Scenario

Lesson 3: Knowing Key Player’s Mindset

Lesson 4: What Buyers Want to Hear From You

Lesson 5: Sales Proofing Your Presentation

Lesson 6: Using ROI Calculator 

Lesson 7: Anticipating Buyer Resistance & Tackling Them 

Lesson 8: Mapping Out Your Strategy

Lesson 9: Sequencing the Presentation

Lesson 10: Buyer Motivation(s) 

Lesson 11: Presentation Narrative

Lesson 12: Key Messaging Approach 

Lesson 13: Planning the Outcome

Lesson 1: Intro

Lesson 2: Like Alike

Lesson 3: Types of Handshakes

Lesson 4: Hand Gestures

Lesson 5: Power Pitch

Lesson 6: Tough Crowd

Lesson 7: Power Moves

Lesson 8: Being Memorable

Lesson 9: Why So Serious

Lesson 10: Extracting Information

Lesson 11: Defending Against Challengers

Lesson 1: Asking Great Sales Questions

Lesson 2: Open-Ended

Lesson 3: Close-Ended

Lesson 4: Close-Ended Pt. 2

Lesson 5: Follow-up

Lesson 6: Timeline

Lesson 7: Qualifying

Lesson 8: Buying History

Lesson 9: Motivation

Lesson 10: Product Specific

Lesson 11: Rapport Building

Lesson 12: Benefit Questions

Lesson 13: Tracking

Lesson 14: Summary

Lesson 1: Understanding Business Metrics

Lesson 2: Business Acumen

Lesson 3: 5 Ms of Value Impact

Lesson 4: Fixed and Variable Cost

Lesson 5: Costs – Selling a Service

Lesson 6: Profitability

Lesson 7: Revenue Sources

Lesson 8: Types of Costs

Lesson 9: Straight-line Depreciation

Lesson 10: Salvage Value 

Lesson 11: Explanation of Amortization

Lesson 12: Three Key Client KPIs

Lesson 13: Net Income Pipeline

Lesson 14: Revenues & Cost of Goods (COGS)

Lesson 15: Gross Profit

Lesson 16: Operating Expenses & Income

Lesson 17: EBIT(DA)

Lesson 18: P&L 

Lesson 19: Break-Even Point (BEP)

Lesson 20: Return On Investment (ROI)

Lesson 21: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

Lesson 22: Return on Assets (ROA)

Lesson 23: Business Metric Wrap-Up

Fast Class: 20 Minutes

We’ll go over what makes a presentation go from ‘good’ to great AND analyze some clips from a master presenter,  Simon Sinek.

Webinar: 49 Minutes

52 ways for any salesperson to improve their presentation style. This webinar is packed with ‘quick wins”!

Fast Class: 9 Minutes

Story telling is one of the most under-tought skills in sales training. Create a compelling narrative – fast!


You and your team need to know how to structure a message, develop a sense of urgency, create credibility, and commit to the next step in the sales process.


Sales Velocity Academy
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  • Lifetime access to all 7 Courses
  • Ebook Library: 9 Full Length books written by Victor Antonio ($305 Value)
  • Access to exclusive, monthly group coaching sessions ($2,000 Value)
  • Immediate Access to new Presentations courses (no extra fees)​
  • Access to any accompanying presentations or worksheets​
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