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Are you struggling to find qualified leads? What about finding and talking to the people who have the power to make big decisions? Fill your pipeline with qualified buyers and get meetings with decision-makers these step-by-step courses. 

Completing this course will help you:

What Will I Get?


Anyone who needs to get and engage leads into your pipeline.  If you want actionable strategies and scripts to get more call backs and more qualified leads, this course is for you. 

Instant access to these courses

Lesson 1: Understanding the B2B Prospect

Lesson 2: Position Yourself as an Authority

Lesson 3: The Perfect Voice Format

Lesson 4: Scripts 1-5 and exercise

Lesson 5: Scripts 6-10 and exercise

Lesson 6: Scripts 11-15 and exercise

Lesson 7: Scripts 16-20 and exercise

Lesson 8: Scripts 21-23 and bonus exercise

Lesson 9: Implementation Plan

Lesson 10: Prospecting Dos and Don’ts

Lesson 1: Client Acquisition Cost Breakdown

Lesson 2: Qualify Your Market

Lesson 3: Qualify Your Situation

Lesson 4: Financial Fit

Lesson 5: Timeline Fit

Lesson 6: Profiling Your Ideal Client

Lesson 7: Disqualify – Rules of Engagement

Lesson 8: Lead Scoring

Lesson 9: Key Takeaways

Lesson 1: Market Segmenting

Lesson 2: Product – Service Research

Lesson 3: Buyer Profile

Lesson 4: Geographical Targeting 

Lesson 5: Setting up Meeting 

Lesson 6: Voicemail Scripts  

Lesson 7: Voicemail Do’s and Don’ts 

Lesson 8: Captivating Emails  

Lesson 9: Email Dos and Don’ts  

Lesson 10: Social Media Connections 

Lesson 11: Buyer Mindset  

Lesson 12: 6x6x6x6x6 Predictable Prospecting System

Lesson 1: Intro

Lesson 2: Generating a CXO Target List

Lesson 3: Buying Triggers

Lesson 4: Direct Message: Pain Points 

Lesson 5: Leveraging Linkedin  

Lesson 6: Becoming an Authority

Lesson 7: Leveraging Marketing

Lesson 8: Gifting 

Lesson 9: Outreach Program

Lesson 10: Calendar Invites

Lesson 11: Direct Message: Value Propsition 

Lesson 12: Target Marketing Blueprint

Lesson 1: Intro

Lesson 2: Mindset Record Yourself

Lesson 3: Value Proposition

Lesson 4: Social Media Engagement

Lesson 5: Rule of Association

Lesson 6: Request Interview

Lesson 7: Your Headline

Lesson 8: Control the Conversation

Lesson 9: 2X Please Script

Lesson 10: Call High or Low

Lesson 11: Avoid the Voicemail Script

Lesson 12: Script Tips

Lesson. 1: Why Ask?

Lesson. 2: Why you don’t ask.

Lesson. 3: Client Resistance

Lesson 4: Quick Tip

Lesson 5: Stop Calling Them Referrals

Lesson 6: Timing

Lesson 7: Where to Find Referrals: Datamining

Lesson 8: Where to Find Referrals: Friends and Family

Lesson 9: Social Media Quick Tip

Lesson 10:  Recap. 

Lesson 11: Narrow Your Request

Lesson 12:  Quick Tip: Ask for Help

Lesson 13: Ask via Email Script

Lesson 14: Referral Request

Lesson. 15: Quick Tip: 1/Day

Lesson 16: Follow up Plan

Lesson. 17: Share on the Website

Lesson 18: Referral Ring

Lesson 19: Affiliate Programs

Lesson 20: “The” Call

Lesson. 21: Recap  and. Going Forward 

Lesson 1: Prospecting Numbers

Lesson 2: Sales Call Reluctance

Lesson 3: Cold Calling By Numbers

Lesson 4: 3 Types of Calls

Lesson 5:  Cold Calling Structure

Lesson 6: Qualify the Prospect

Lesson 7: The Request

Lesson 8: How to Sound Natural

Lesson 9: Quick Flip- ‘I am not interested

Lesson 10: Voicemail

Lesson 11:  Objections – ‘ Just Send Me The Info’

Lesson 12: Tip- Date Setting

Lesson 13: Objection- I Don’t Have a Budget’

Lesson 14: Objection- ‘You’ll Be Wasting Your Time’

Lesson 15: Objection – ‘You’re Just Trying To Sell Me’

Lesson 16: Tip – Suggest A Specific Meeting Time

Lesson 17: Objections – ‘We’re Happy With Our Current Vendor’

Lesson 18: Objection – ‘I Can Get It Cheaper’

Lesson 19: Objection – ‘I Need To Check With The Boss’

Lesson 20: Objection – ‘I’ll Think About It’

Lesson 21: Objection – ‘This Won’t Work For Us’

Lesson 22: Objection- ‘Bad Experience With A Similar Company’

Lesson 23: Objection – ‘I Feel Like You’re Pressuring Me’

Lesson 24: Quick Flip: I am too Busy”

Lesson 25: Provide References

Lesson 26: I’ll Get to You

Lesson 27: Tease

Lesson 28: Poke and Prode

Lesson 29: Wrap up and tips

22 Minute Webinar


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