November 5, 2021

A Winning Presentation Plan

The key to a killer presentation is:

1) Knowing your audience + their needs.

2) Having all the information you want to present organized in your head. When you have a structured plan for your presentation, the dialogue flows more naturally and you will hit on all the most important points. 

I’ll show you one of my secrets to organizing presentations. 

First, I write out my top 5 prioritized talking points that I want to cover during the presentation. These are points that customers care about, questions they need to be answered, features they want to be explained, etc. 

Then, I make it visual. Visual aids will help you remember your most important points during your presentation. 

I draw out a house outline, like the one below. The most important point (Priority #1) is the apex of the house.

Presentation Structure of 5 Points

The next most important parts are where the roof meets the slope, Priorities #2 and #3. These are the second tier, but points your customer will still need to know more about.  

Next, where the house meets the ground, Priorities #4 and #5. At the bottom of your list, but still important to cover. 

This is a great visual memorization tool. By organizing this information in your head with a visual aid, you’ll be able to structure the information and mentally check off these Priorities as you go through them. 

You’re not done quite yet though. Next, I want you to ask yourself 4 questions about each priority. 

1) What would you say? What statements would you make about each of these priorities?

2) What questions would you ask to get more information about priority #1? How do I generate interest or desire to change? 

3) What would you do? Make them do an exercise, have a discussion, etc

4) What would you show them? What would you demo to help you sell them on that priority?

Fill out these 4 questions for each of your top 5 Priorities.

Sales Presentation Matrix

As you’re going through your presentation with a client, picture this matrix, as well as you, go through each Priority. 

When you can go through these models and memorize them, your presentations will become so much smoother. 

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