Buyers Aren't Buying You

Salespeople are often stumped after a big meeting with a decision-maker: you delivered the feature benefit analysis (FBA) in a tidy presentation, you blocked common objections, and you asked for the close at the end. Why didn’t the deal close there? Why aren’t they calling back?

Let’s approach this from the other side, the buyer. In a recent study by Accenture, it was found that 77% of buyers found no value when meeting with a salesperson and, even worse still, only 8% (Forrester) feel their business was understood by the salesperson. This tells us that: the FBA you presented didn’t focus on what they needed most, maybe the objections you blocked were vague and not specific to the prospect’s market, and after not proving you know enough about the client’s situation, the hard close you tried (after not providing any insight or value) came off as tactless to the client.

Creating the “Value Element” in all your interactions, calls, and presentations with a client is going to show that you understand their business and, that you are uniquely qualified to deliver the solution to their problems.

You need to know your product features (of course), the customer’s business models, and the dynamics of the market they are in. 

Beyond the basics, understanding and being able to articulate the Value Elements is crucial to delivering a presentation that inspires a buying decision.

Use these in your next presentation:

1) How your product can help their business.

2) How the customer’s business can stay ahead or get ahead in the market.

Always keep in mind while finding the Value Elements, that prospects want to know how you can help them increase profits, expand market share, or decrease costs.

Clients, especially in B2B situations, are looking for someone who can be a trusted business advisor. Framing your product not just by features, but by how it can help them get ahead in a changing market will make your presentation stand out and earn you more sales than ever before.

Don’t wait for your company to train you on this; take control of your career and take the time to do research.

Sales Velocity Academy can help you structure your presentation, quantify value, and understand more business terms your clients need.

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