Reading your Customer’s signals

Buying In or Checking Out?

August 19th at 10 am EST. How to read your prospect’s/client’s thoughts.

There are 2 Great Sins In Sales...

#1: Not asking for the sale at the end of the presentation and #2: Asking for the order when the client hasn't bought in

#1 is caused by fear, #2 is a lack of awareness during a sales conversation (i.e. , not reading the signals the client is broadcasting via body language, tone or conversation).  

What type of signals are an indication that the customer is
buying in?

In this masterclass we’re going to go deep on how to detect and interpret a buyer’s buy or no buy signals. What should we look and listen for? What type of signals is an indication that the customer is ‘buying in’? 
A little-known fact is that buying signals go far beyond body language. 

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