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4 Types

arrow-left Back to Free Resources 4 Types of Buyers in a B2b Sale Share This Class: 4 types of buyers There are usually 4 types of buyers in every B2B sales meeting. Each with their own distinct agenda and needs, your job is to win over each type of buyer

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3 Ways to Thrive in a Recession

arrow-left Back to Free Resources SELLING THROUGH A RECESSION: 3 Ways to Thrive Share This Class: 3 Ways to thrive Relieve their Pressure Clients may be thinking about how they can cut back on budgets (reduce costs, layoffs, downsize). If there are fewer resources or employees, think about how you

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Selling in a Recession-Tier 1

arrow-left Back to Free Resources SELLING THROUGH A RECESSION: Tier 1 Clients Share This Class: Focus on your Tier 1 clients One of the things you’ll have time for in a recession is to sit down and really analyze your client list in terms of profitability and scope. This is

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Selling in A Recession – Retention

arrow-left Back to Free Resources SELLING THROUGH A RECESSION: REtention Follow me here: REtention Strategies The Upside of the Downmarket – How to Retain More Clients   There are 4 main ways you can increase revenue and sell through a recession. Whether you’re a salesperson, executive, or entrepreneur you can

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Selling Through a Recession

arrow-left Back to Free Resources SELLING THROUGH A RECESSION: UPSIDE OF A DOWNMARKET​ Share This Class: Stay Mentally in the Game Selling Through a Recession: Upside of a Downmarket It’s so easy – too easy- to go negative once talk of a recession starts. There are people who will only

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Getting Deals Unstuck

Overcoming Client Indecision No matter what you say… How much your product could help… What objections you block… There are some clients who just won’t pull the proverbial trigger. When a client doesn’t want to buy they’ll say things like: “Send me a proposal and I’ll consider it” “Let me

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Overcoming Procrastination Here is what I’ve been up to recently…building a birdhouse! Yes, a birdhouse. More importantly, I want to share with you how building this birdhouse can help you eliminate procrastination and ultimately getting more sales! Here is my story,… It was a cool Sunday morning, I was looking at the front yard.

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The Unmotivated: 3 Root Causes

The Unmotivated Sales Force: 3 Root Causes  Why are some seemingly bright and promising employees held back by low- motivation?     When someone isn’t motivated, these are typically the symptoms: • Not on time • Not diligent • Procrastinating  • Uncooperative  • Argumentative  • Negative • Refuse to be

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