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The Unmotivated: 3 Root Causes

The Unmotivated Sales Force: 3 Root Causes  Why are some seemingly bright and promising employees held back by low- motivation?     When someone isn’t motivated, these are typically the symptoms: • Not on time • Not diligent • Procrastinating  • Uncooperative  • Argumentative  • Negative • Refuse to be

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My Formula for Results-Based Training

Training for Results: Formula If you’re a manager or trainer who has to teach teams of people or onboard new hires, this one is for you.     This is a technique I use in my training and keynotes that I’ve found has a great impact and increases retention.  Anyone

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Price Increase Conversations

Price Increase Conversations: Extend and End   This method has 2 parts: Extend and End.   Extend means you extend the contract’s term period and current pricing.   Then you set an end date for those terms.    How does this work exactly?   You extend the terms of your

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Price Increase Conversations: Anchoring

Price Increase Conversations: Anchoring   As you begin to mention price increases to your customers (as in Conversation #2), you can drop a  higher reference point for the price increase. For example, you can mention to customers that you’re looking at a possible 15% increase by the end of the

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Price Increase Conversations: The Drip Method

Day 2: The Drip   Next up is the socialization tactic – AKA something called the ‘drip method’ -that’s where you begin dripping the information that price increases are coming. You can slowly prep your clients for an impending price increase in the future. You can send several email campaigns,

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How to Avoid a “No-Decision”

How to Avoid a ‘No-Decision’ Why people *Don’t Buy* On average a salesperson (across industries and products) will close about 40% of their sales.  Those are your ‘wins’ This means that you’ve lost 60% of potential sales.  Where does this 60% go?    If you’re thinking ‘my competitors’, you’re partially right.

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The ‘Why’: Price Increase Conversations

The ‘Why’ Price Increase Conversations   Let’s talk about price conversations: how can you break the news to a customer that the price for your product/service is going to increase while: 1. Keeping a good working relationship 2. Preventing them from going to your competitor 3. Maintain your contracts and

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Motivate – Release the Mental Brakes

Mental Brakes We can try to motivate, but what might be more effective is how we can release the mental brakes. What is holding them back?  If your team isn’t making enough cold calls, maybe it’s not that they’re not motivated, but they don’t know what to say or are

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