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The Perfect Close 2.0 (à la James Muir)

Perfect Close 2.0 à la James Muir The Perfect Close by James Muir is a great book that gives you a great method of closing AND goes above and beyond to show you how to engage, build rapport, and connect with clients before you ask for the close.    According

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Make Them Think! Managing Difficult People

Managers: Make Them Think! Do you have employees or team members that are constantly coming to you for answers? You know its possible for them to solve their own problems, yet they push that responsibility back on you. The problem is that they’re stuck in a habit loop:   Cue:

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S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Managers

S.M.A.R.T Goals If you’re a manager or a coach, here are 5 SMART questions to explore the next time a team member falls short of their target (goal):   Skills: Do they possess the necessary skills (e.g., knowledge, training) to perform at that level?   Motivation: Are they motivated enough

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Why Managers Matter

Why Managers Matter According to Gartner, 24% of inside salespeople are looking for a different gig. The most prominent reason cited is compensation plans. Managers don’t always take the time to design a compelling compensation package that incentivizes growth.  The second reason is the quality of leadership; leaders who don’t

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Price Increase Conversations

Price Increase Conversations   A lot of salespeople are selling in fear that price increase conversations will result in lost client revenue.    Amid supply chain shortages, material cost increases, and labor shortages, many businesses are having to increase their prices. How can you handle a price increase conversation with your client

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Intraprospecting When it comes to finding new business, we rely on two overarching strategies: We have ‘inbound’ prospecting (marketing). We have ‘outbound’ prospecting. And now, we have a third option, Intraprospecting. In my new book, Mastering the Upsell I describe a variety of strategies for selling more to existing clients. That said, upselling

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FREEMIUM PRICING OPTIONS HOOK YOUR CUSTOMERS There are several ways to catch the attention of a potential buyer. One of the most common and effective ways is to offer something for free to the customer. Using the law of reciprocity, if you give something for free the customer will feel

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