Prospecting requires focus and an understanding of your potential buyers and where to find them. Whether you’re cold calling or attending networking events, being able to connect with potential clients is a critical skill.

Fill your pipeline with qualified buyers and get meetings with decision-makers. 

Put Your Hunt for Clients on Autopilot

Some of the core skills you’ll develop in this module: 


Prospecting system.

Cold Calling

Psychology-backed scripts for cold calls and voicemails.

Meet with Decison Makers

You'll create a strategy for booking meetings with prospects buying decision.


Work your existing network with these referral strategies.

Courses in This Module:

Predictable Prospecting

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

The Perfect Voicemail

Getting in Front of Decision Makers

The Perfect Voicemail

Getting Referrals

Qualifying a Real Buyer

Qualifying Sales Opportunities

Instant Access to Sales Velocity Academy

All plans include the 8 P’s Prospecting, Product, Process, Persuasion, Promotion, Positive Mental Attitude, Presentation, Pricing.

Certificate for each of the 8 P’s upon completion.

Access and notifications to new courses.

Downloadable guides, worksheets, and scripts. 


7 Day
  • Trial period
  • Includes 1 course from each module

No credit card required


$ 299
  • Yearly Access

Pay in 4 Monthly Installments


$ 399
  • Lifetime Membership

Pay in 4 Monthly Installments

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Response Block Selling

To build credibility in your presentation, you need to know how to block objections, not overcome them.

Sales Influence

Find out how things are positioned or presented influence impacts a consumer’s buying behavior.

The Greatest Gift

A fictional story of a two men discussing the meaning of success and the many trials and tribulations of how to achieve it.

The Logic of Success

A personal autobiography on overcoming adversity and how some people are able to achieve while others simply can’t.

Winning Back the Business

A Personal autobiography on overcoming adversity and how some people are able to achieve while others simply can’t.

Sales Psycho

 Inside an Asylum is a man known for his uncanny ability to sell. On this day, he is being interviewed to discover his secrets to sales success.

The Tao of Selling

A philosophical booklet of 52 taos (ways) on how the best salespeople think about business, the meaning of value and sales success.

Selling Ain't Hard

This book is a compendium almost 100 tips and tactics on how to become a better salesperson.

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