This is the first book to explore how Artificial Intelligence is changing the world of selling!
Functions that were once the domain of salespeople will be transformed, subsumed, or obliterated. In the world of sales, the predictive power of these new algorithms is changing the way sales organizations function. The fact is virtually every stage of the traditional sales pipeline is now ripe for disruption as companies enthusiastically invest in AI applications that have the potential to sharply enhance critical sales functions and thus aid in the development of more efficient sales processes.

Blocking Objections

Blocking Objections: A New Approach for Lowering Buyer Resistance and Selling More. This book will literally change how you present your product or service to a potential buyer. Objection Blocking is a method for preempting a buyer’s objection before he voices the objection.

The premise of Response Block Selling is the following: If a buyer states an objection aloud, the buyer is more likely to stick to that objection (rule of consistency) and will look for validating information (selective perception) to support or defend that particular viewpoint. So the key here is to prevent the buyer from voicing an objection thereby shunting the need to then support that objection. Learn how to ‘structure a response block’ that will lower a buyer’s resistance making the sale that much easier.

In this book, you will find over 20 examples of common objections salespeople face when selling.

Mastering the Upsell

The Greatest Gift


Sales Models

To be effective at selling in today’s market you need the right tools to make sense of what you need to do and how to do it.
Sales Models is a toolbox of ideas and constructs on selling that will allow you better understand different ways that you can impact your sales revenues.

Sales Models Include: Sales Velocity • Motivation Dip • HLA Model • Sales Iceberg • Circle of Influence • 5 Whys • The Hero Story • Client Brain • SPIN Selling • Implication Questions • Develop a Value Pitch • Types of Buyers • Blue Ocean • Value Elements • Blocking Objections • Using Pattern Interrupts  and more.

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