Get Better Intel

From your clients or prospects. 

  1. Follow-up Questions: “Can you tell me more about that?” OR “How did you handle that situation/obstacle”

You’re getting the client to open up about their current problems or obstacles they encountered in the past and what problem they’re looking to solve with your solution. 


Impact Questions: “How has not having Product X (or feature/function) impacted your Revenue/ market share, expenses?”

You get the client to describe the value of your solution in their own words.


Tradeoff Questions: ” If you had to choose between Feature X and Feature Y, which would you choose?”  OR  “Which feature would your team be more likely to use?

You’re getting micro-commitments from the customer. They are describing which features are most useful to them and why.

Refine your pitch and presentation here.  Sales Velocity Academy Presentation courses will help you with one of the most important aspects of selling – the presentation.


You worked hard to get the meeting or the phone call, make sure you stick the landing and advance/close the deal. 

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