How to overcome client indecision.

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What’s going inside the mind of a buyer that they can’t ‘pull the trigger’ on something they know they need? Influence buyer decisions more effectively.

Victor Antonio

International Sales & Motivation Trainer

July 15th. 10 -11:30 am EST

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Why do deals get stuck?
Why can’t clients move forward?

What’s going inside the mind of a buyer that they can’t ‘pull the trigger’ on something they know they need?  The biggest challenge we face in closing a deal is simply getting the customer to commit by getting them past their indecision.  
 You will be able to:

Indecision creates a loss of Time Money Effort on both buyer and selling side

Customers get stuck and can’t seem to make up their mind.  The results are delays, stalls, and eventually, a dead deal.  


No one wins.  


The customer loses because they didn’t implement a solution that would hep them. 


The sellers loses after spending all their time and effort with nothing to show for it.



In this Masterclass, we’ll examine the mindset of today’s modern buyers and why they have a hard time making a decision.  You’ll learn about different strategies you can deploy as a seller to nudge, not push, the buyer towards making a prudent decision.  
When to Use

ROI, BEP, and TCO numbers to create urgency.


how the paradox of choice works and can work against you.


product advocacy to guide a client’s choice


‘radical candor’ can help you close deals + techniques that build rapport and trust.


the power of ‘curating content’ for your clients and how to educate them.

How to

How to anticipate needs and minimize (and block) objections.

You'll Also Get...

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