Overcoming Client Indecision

No matter what you say…


How much your product could help…


What objections you block…


There are some clients who just won’t pull the proverbial trigger.


When a client doesn’t want to buy they’ll say things like:


“Send me a proposal and I’ll consider it”


“Let me take this to my committee” (deferring to the higher authority)


When someone doesn’t want to make a decision, they’re afraid – this is #1. Now you might be thinking “Victor, thank you for the obvious. Anything else you can add here?”


Let’s dig deeper though to define what we mean by “afraid” because it can mean so many things.


There was something in your presentation that caused or did not assuage the customer’s fear in making the decision:


  1. Maybe it was a money issue. Maybe they don’t have the budget or they’re afraid to make the investment.


  1. The time frame – The implementation time frame was too long or too short.


  1. You didn’t go to the next level and create a sense of urgency. Some people may understand they could benefit from your product/service, but you have to create a sense of urgency to get them to make that leap.


Maybe you were able to create a sense of urgency, have a good fit, and it works within their budget. However, there’s something in what you said or approached it, that didn’t give them a sense of trust.


Creating a sense of trust requires that you walk in their shoes and take a point of view with extreme empathy. When customers know that you understand their point of view and the financial, peer, and market pressures. They also need you to know what you’re talking about – but they need you to be a subject matter expert. 


To go beyond product, features, and benefits, you should also be able to explain to the customer the differences between your offerings and what the competitors are offering in the market. You should understand market dynamics and communicate that knowledge to your customers. 


We’re getting close to hitting the “Trust Factor”. 


The final obstacle to gaining that Trust Badge is actually having their best interests in mind. If you know and understand your customers and guide them through a product selection and pricing plan that will actually benefit them, without over (or under) selling them, you will be able to genuinely gain their trust. When a client knows that you’re looking out for them, their pocketbook, their reputation, their company, you have a winning formula for success.


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