Mastering the Technical Sale

May 21st, November 12th, 2021

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Many engineers and technicians never thought they would end up helping salespeople close deals.

As an engineer turned salesman, I truly understand the mental and physical challenges you’ll face.

Whether you’re a sales application engineer, the sales tech, or a newly minted salesperson this Masterclass will show you how to make the transition and how to leverage your technical knowledge to be successful selling or supporting salespeople.


 • Handling technical objections.

• How to ask the right questions and listen with the intent.

• Learn the basic structure or framework of an effective presentation

• Using simple visuals: from technical jargon to using analogies and metaphors

• How do you frame the value of the product?

• How to use key metrics (e.g., ROI, TCO, BEP) in your presentation

• 7 product demo Dos and Don’ts

• Dealing with unreasonable requests during a technical presentation.

• Asking clarifying questions before answering.

• 5 ways to get prospects to engage in your presentation.

• How to handle objections and/or concerns throughout the demo.

• Identify personality types using the S.A.A.D. model to be more effective at presenting.

• How to keep the conversation on track and not be distracted by technical ‘red herrings’.

• Use a 3-point pivot to handle hostile questions.

• Managing a technical Q&A session.

• How to control the technical sales conversation.

• Leveraging case studies during a technical product demonstration.

Intensive Training That Works

Each masterclass is taught by Victor Antonio – experienced sales executive.


After building a successful 20-year career as a top sales executive, Victor Antonio became a globally sought-after sales speaker and trainer.


With over 192,000 Youtube subscribers and over 3 million podcast downloads, Victor knows how to engage an audience virtually; learn from the master!


Learn what works, but more importantly, learn what doesn’t work!


Mastering the Technical Sale

$ 222 One Time Payment
  • 3-Hour Virtual Masterclass Recording
  • 3-Month Access to Sales Velocity Academy

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