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Access to All Sales & Management content.

Onboarding Masterclasses with Victor

Customized solutions; put the training on your platform or let us create one for you.

Give Your Sales Force Better Training

one solution for sales & management training

Sales Training for All Levels

550+ Videos total across the 7 Dimensions of Selling. Process, Presentation, Prospecting, Persuasion, Positive Mental Attitude, Product IQ, and Pricing.

Manager Training

52 Weeks of Monday Morning Sales Workouts. Leader guide + videos for managers to use for their team.  Managers also get video courses on hiring, firing, onboarding, and rescuing strugglinng sales people








Prospecting requires focus and an understanding of your potential buyers and where to find them. Whether you’re cold calling or attending networking events, being able to connect with potential clients is a critical skill.

Fill your pipeline with qualified buyers and get meetings with decision-makers. 

The Perfect Voicemail (10 Videos)

Video Prospecting (Webinar)

Getting Referrals (Webinar)

Qualifying Real Buyers (Webinar)

Qualifying Sales Opportunities (9 Videos)

3-Ways to Qualify Buyers (Webinar)

Getting Past the Gatekeeper (12 Videos)

Cold Calling Success (29 Videos)

Power Prospecting (16 videos)

Getting in Front of Decision Makers (13 Videos)


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Having a sales process will allow your salespeople to be consistent and be able to measure their sales effectiveness. Salespeople with a process earn, on average, 48% more than those without a solid process in place.


Winning Sales Strategy (Webinar)

Sales Reset (14 Videos)

Selling Services to Contractors (Webinar)

Sell More..., Faster (20 Videos)

Inbound Selling (8 Videos)

How to Sell (12 Videos)

NEW: AI in Sales

NEW: Selling in a Recession

3. Product IQ

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Clients are more demanding than ever and require salespeople to have an intimate understanding of their product and how it can help the client’s business. Take your team’s sales skills and knowledge beyond the features and benefits and into selling real value to your customers.


Value Centric Selling (33 Videos)

3- Step Demo (Webinar)

Sales Conversations (8 Videos)

Hero Story Narrative (Webinar)

Customer Says "..." (15 Videos)

No-Touch Selling (Webinar)

Value Lifters (Webinar)

4. Persuasion





To influence and persuade a client to buy, you must first understand why they buy in the first place, and what they need from you. As salespeople, we provide solutions and nudge (never push) our clients in a productive direction. 

Shifting the Buyer's Mindset( 9 Videos)

Blocking Objections (11 Videos)

Negotiation and Persuasion (16 Videos)

Closing the Credibility Gap (11 Videos)

Inside the Customer's Brain (13 Videos)


Demand Side Selling (Webinar)

Influencing Change (11 Courses)

Influencing Decision Makers (Webinar)

Sales Presence (10 Videos)

5. Pricing





The toughest conversations are about price. Salespeople who don’t understand the value of their product will always find end up selling on price (discounts). Move the conversation away from pricing and towards the real benefits to the clients.


Total Cost of Ownership (Webinar)

Pricing Strategies (10 Videos)

Death by Discounting (Webinar)

8 Discounting Countermeasures (Webinar)

Freemium & Pricing (Webinar)

Upselling (6 Videos)

6. Positive Mental Attitude





A prerequisite in sales. Rejection, frustrations, and disappointments are commonplace. Gaining a positive mental attitude will be your best defense, and your greatest predictor of success in sales and your career.

5 Ways To Stay Motivated with Jeb Blount (Webinar)

7 Upsides of Virtual Selling (Webinar)

Time Management for Salespeople (12 Videos)

Next Level Thinking (Webinar)

Overcoming the Fear of Cold Calling (Webinar)

Building Better Sales Habits (9 Videos)

Accelerating Your Sales Performance (Webinar)

7. Presentation





Presenting to a client is probably one of the most frequent skills you employ as a salesperson. Your team needs to know how to structure a message, develop a sense of urgency, create credibility, and commit to the next step in the sales process.

Effective Sales Presentations (9 Videos)

Business Metrics for Salespeople (18 Videos)

Elements of a Power Presentation (Webinar)

52 Best Practices (Webinar)

Become a Story(selling) Expert (Webinar)

Asking Great Sales Questions (14 Videos)

Body Language For Salespeople (11 Videos)


Section 1

Management Courses

Practical and immediately applicable training for all the roadblocks managers face. Have more productive meetings (yes, really), hire better people, and create a compensation plan that will keep those hires around for longer. 

Section 2

Monday Morning Sales Workouts

52 weeks (1 Year) of quick training for your sales force. These Sales Workouts will free managers from having to develop new training every week. Leader guides, video walk-throughs, and worksheets included. 

52 Videos • 52 Worksheets

Free Preview: Watch Intro for all Management Courses

Rescue a Struggling Salesperson

Every manager faces the dilemma of whether to keep or terminate a salesperson. I’ll give you the framework to determine if there is potential and how to improve their performance. Learn how to help a struggling salesperson by putting them on a well-defined plan of action.

Sales Force Management

Building a  B2B Sales team. Raise your expectations for what your team can achieve and use the same growth techniques that Victor used to grow his sales team’s revenue from 14 M to 98 M in a 2.5 year time frame. 

PROductive Meetings

Define High Leverage Activities, find your Champion and create actionable plans for your next project. 

Hire Smarter

How do you hire smart people who execute what you need them to do? Get the framework for a consistent hiring process that produces high performers. 

Developing a Sales Culture

‘Sales Culture’ can be more than just a buzzword. In this video series we’ll breakdown what that term actually means and give you the framework to execute on. 

Developing a Sales Compensation Plan

Salespeople are motivated by how much money or commissions they can make.  To motivate them properly, you must develop a plan that GUIDES their behavior.

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