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 June 30th

Value-Centric Selling

Learn how to position your value, not your price. 

Too often we sell our products without understanding what we’re really selling!  Understanding what a product cost is not the same as understanding what the value of the product is.  The result?  Salespeople sell with less confidence, are quick to give discounts and the client ends up undervaluing what you’re selling.  

 May 21st, Nov 12th

Mastering the Technical Sale

Selling Tips for Engineers and Techs

Many engineers and technicians never thought they would end up selling or helping out salespeople close deals.  In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to make the transition and how to leverage your technical knowledge to be successful in selling.


Jan 15th, July 16th

Mastering The Product Demo

Position and Persuade Effectively

As we move to a more virtual demonstration of products, knowing how to setup the call and ‘perform’ a demo is critically important.  In this Masterclass, you’ll learn the stages and strategies of delivering the perfect demo.


Jan 15th, September 10th

Mastering Virtual Engagement

How to Connect, Engage, and Close

This half-day Masterclass will cover every aspect of engaging clients, prospects, and/or employees on a virtual call so that you can have an effective sales meeting.  Learn how to leverage virtual strategies to become more engaging and convincing.

Feb 19th, Aug 13th

Mastering the Upsell

How to Sell More to Existing Customers

The fast way to revenue growth is not finding new business, but rather by selling to your existing customer base!  In this Masterclass you’re going to learn how to use 16 different strategies to sell more to your existing client.


Feb 19th, Aug 13th

Mastering Your Sales Process

Selling on Value, Not Price

Create your unique value propositions, blocking objections, and reduce buyer resistance. In this Masterclass, we’ll begin to form a solid foundation for what selling is and what you need to do to be successful at it.

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Victor Antonio

Victor in a sales workshop

“His program is a fundamental paradigm shift from the traditional sense of buying and influence which was swiftly adopted into our presentations and sales processes.”

-John Eberhart, VP Accedian Networks

Learn how to sell from one of the industry’s best sales trainer. 

Victor presenting a speech

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