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12 Masterclasses to upgrade your training and boost your sales. Victor Antonio teaches monthly LIVE masterclasses to boost your sales velocity. 

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Client Says "..." Handling Client Objections

January 28th at 10-11:30 am EST 

Do you know what to say when a client says ” Can I get a better price” or “Let me think about it?”. Learn how to tactfully redirect the conversation to move past tough client roadblocks. 


Presentation Power

February 25th at 10 -11:30 am EST

This masterclass will show you how to structure your presentation to engage your audience, and boost credibility. By understanding the types of buyers, how to weave value-centric selling, and how to construct a strong storyline for buying, you’ll have the formula for a winning presentation.


Managing Difficult People

March 25th at 10-11:30 am EST

Every manager faces the dilemma of whether to keep or terminate a salesperson. I’ll give you the framework to determine if there is potential and how to improve their performance. Learn how to help a struggling salesperson by putting them on a well-defined plan of action.


How to Sell to Today's Buyers

April 25th at 10-11:30 am EST

Today’s modern buyer has more access to information which means they are more informed than ever. Our roles as sales people are changing as customers are inundated with information. Learn how to become an advisor and consultant to your clients while gaining trust. 


Culture 4.0

May 27th at 10-11:30 am EST

Sales Culture’ can be more than just a buzzword. In this video series we’ll breakdown what that term actually means and give you the framework to execute on.

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Starting a Sales Conversation

June 24th at 10-11:30 am EST

Sometimes initiating a sales conversation or asking for a close can feel forced or awkward. Learn how to build rapport, have a smoother conversation, and advance or close the sale. 


Mastering the Upsell

July 29th at 10-11:30 am EST

The fast way to revenue growth is not finding new business, but rather by selling to your existing customer base!  In this Masterclass, you’re going to learn how to use 16 different strategies to sell more to your existing client.



How to Position Value Over Price

August 26th at 10-11:30 am EST

Too often we sell our products without understanding what we’re really selling!  Understanding what a product cost is not the same as understanding what the value of the product is.  The result?  Salespeople sell with less confidence, are quick to give discounts and the client ends up undervaluing what you’re selling


Story Selling

September 30th at 10-11:30 am EST

If you can craft a well-articulated narrative around your product, you will not only captivate your client’s attention, but communicate in the clearest way how your product or service can help them.   


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Managing Customer Expectations

October 28th at 10-11:30 am EST

How to manage client’s expectations when it comes to deadlines, outcomes, and commitment without deterring them from your product or service. Learn how to strategically negotiate to encourage collaboration. 


Mastering the Product Demo

November 25 th at 10-11:30 am EST

As we move to a more virtual demonstration of products, knowing how to setup the call and ‘perform’ a demo is critically important.  In this Masterclass, you’ll learn the stages and strategies of delivering the perfect demo.


Developing a Big Deal Mindset

December 16th  at 10-11:30 am EST

Life is 80% Mindset.

If you believe that, then it’s time to shift your mental energy away from your skillset and focus on developing a Big Deal Mindset.

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Sales Ex Machina

How AI is changing sales. Sales Ex Machina represents a valuable way that sales professionals discover and understand the forces shaping our industry and how to leverage the disruption of artificial intelligence to get an edge now

Response Block Selling

To build credibility in your presentation, you need to know how to block objections, not overcome them.

Sales Influence

Find out how things are positioned or presented influence impacts a consumer’s buying behavior.

The Greatest Gift

A fictional story of a two men discussing the meaning of success and the many trials and tribulations of how to achieve it.

The Logic of Success

A personal autobiography on overcoming adversity and how some people are able to achieve while others simply can’t.

Winning Back the Business

A Personal autobiography on overcoming adversity and how some people are able to achieve while others simply can’t.

Sales Psycho

 Inside an Asylum is a man known for his uncanny ability to sell. On this day, he is being interviewed to discover his secrets to sales success.

The Tao of Selling

A philosophical booklet of 52 taos (ways) on how the best salespeople think about business, the meaning of value and sales success.

Selling Ain't Hard

This book is a compendium almost 100 tips and tactics on how to become a better salesperson.

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