Managers: Make Them Think!

Do you have employees or team members that are constantly coming to you for answers? You know its possible for them to solve their own problems, yet they push that responsibility back on you. The problem is that they’re stuck in a habit loop:


Cue: Problem or obstacle (low sales, a difficult customer, etc)

Routine: They consistently come to you for answers on how to solve their problem. 

Reward: They easily get the answer to their problem without having to think or work for it. 

It’s a win for them, but a time and energy suck for you!

One study found that when we’re coaching someone, we’re only asking questions 10% of the time, 20% of the listening, and 70% of the talking. This means, when we’re talking to an employee, client, or mentee, we are giving them all the answers and training them to come to you for answers.

Break their current habit loop! 

Every sales manager and leader has a tough time with at least one employee. What if you had a great system that helped you determine compensation plans, how to hire better people, and rescue a struggling salesperson?

Join Victor for a live masterclass on March 25th to get all your sales management questions answered. 

Managing Difficult People

Every manager faces the dilemma of whether to keep or terminate a salesperson. I’ll give you the framework to determine if there is potential and how to improve their performance. Learn how to help a struggling salesperson by putting them on a well-defined plan of action.

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