September 27th at 9 AM - 12 PM EST.



This date has past! You can still access the recording of the 3-hour masterclass.

What Will I Learn?

Step 1:

Understand what persuasion is and what it is not

Step 2:

Learn strategies & Techniques in Your Persuasion Toolbox

Step 3:

Apply the right persuasion method to the right situation

How can I use it?

Sales Presentation



Sales Conversations


Motivating Others

No Mind games!

What is NOT included in Power Persuasion? Mind games, manipulation, or high-pressure tactics. Persuasion is about articulating your point and value to the customer in a way that is easy to comprehend.


  • Aristotle’s 3 types of proofs to persuade
  • • How to shift someone’s attitude
  • • The basics (and limits) of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) 
  • • The 5 attitudes you have to learn to persuade
  • • Cognitive Dissonance: How to get people to act when they’re in denial
  • • The Power of Listening: Leverage Empathy and Sincerity
  • The Trust Formula: How to generate trust quickly
  • • Door-in-the-Face (DITF): How to get small commitments
  • • Rule of consistency: Get customers to follow-through
  • • Foot-in-the-Door (FITD): How to increase your average deal size
  • • How to become a better listener
  • Truth Serum: Learn to extract more information from your clients 
  • • Using images to sell for you
  • • The Sufficiency Principle and why it can help or hurt you
  • Systematic vs. Heuristic Thinking: How buyers make buying decision
  • • Recency vs. Primacy: Should you present first or second?
  • • Buyer’s Remorse vs. Buyer’s Regret
  • • HSL vs. ELM Models of Persuasion
  • • How belief systems impact a buyer’s willingness to listen to your presentation
  • • How to prevent customers from changing their mind after the close
  • Learn the top persuader’s CREME model
  • • Blocking 3 types of customer objections: Denial, Defer and Dismiss
  • • How to flip an objection into a persuasive message
  • • How the Buying Brain works and can you learn to connect faster
  • • The 4 Types of Buying Personalities

Anyone can speak.
Anyone can present.
But, very few can persuade!

The goal of this MasterClass is to amplify your presentation and/or sales skills; to make you a better communicator, a better connector, but most importantly, a better closer!

If you’re tired of hearing:


‘Let me think about it.’
‘I’ll get back to you.’
‘Let me talk to my (fill in the blank) before deciding.’
‘If I can get a better price’
‘Can I get a discount’
‘I’m happy with my current vendor (supplier)’
‘Call me next quarter’
‘Now’s not a good time’

And, if you’re frustrated with not being able to move a deal forward, I invite you to attend this Persuasion Power MasterClass!

Victor Antonio

Power Persuasion

Date of Class: September 27th 2021. Access entire recording. *This is exclusive content and will not be added to Sales Velocity Academy.
$ 222
  • 3-Hour Masterclass Recording
  • Live with Victor Antonio
  • 3 Month Sales Velocity Academy Membership ($180 Value)
  • 30-day Access to Recording

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