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Monday Morning Sales Workouts have all the training you need for your team for an entire year.


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Monday Morning Sales Workouts

52 Videos • 52 Worksheets

52 weeks (1 Year) of quick training for your sales force. These Sales Workouts will free managers from having to develop new training every week. Leader guides, video walk-throughs, and worksheets included. (A $520 VALUE)

Your Entire Year of Team Coaching, All in One Place.

Save hours every week. Train your sales force on skills that matter. 

Workouts Month 1-6

FREE Week 1: Behavioral Goals

Week 2: Let Me Think About It

Week 3: Psyching Yourself Out

Week 4: Right People in the Room

Week 5: Truth Serum

Week 6: Inoculate Regret

Week 7: Data CRM

Week 8: Presentation Process

Week 9: Inoculation Motivation

Week 10: 4 Growth Strategies

Week 11: Break-Even Point

Week 12: Customer Acquisition Cost

Week 13:Total Cost of Ownership

Week 14: Sales Velocity

Week 15: Battery Life

Week 16: NOSO

Week 17: Average Deal Size

Week 18: Win Rate

Week 19: Sales Cycle

Week 20: 8 P’s

Week 21: FBAG: 4 Aspects of Selling

Week 22: Comparative Analysis

Week 23: 5 Forces

Week 24: Hero Story

Week 25: Inside the Customer’s Brain

Week 26: Buying Signals

Workouts Month 7-12

Week 27: Asking Great Questions

Week 28: Qualifying Buyers

Week 29: BANT

Week 30: Lean into Objections

Week 31: 3 Pricing Options

Week 32: Second Sale

Week 33: Gap Selling

Week 34: Better Price

Week 35: ‘Will That Be Enough’

Week 36: FITD

Week 37: ‘Are You Happy With Your Current Vendor’

Week 38: START Selling

Week 39: Verbal Grifting

Week 40: Latent Concerns

Week 41: Pattern Interrupts

Week 42: Value Trinity

Week 43: Challenger Sales

Week 44: Buy From People Like You

Week 45: Universal Sales Formula

Week 46: MTNUT

Week 47: Blocking Objections

Week 48: Gain Clients

Week 49: Retain Clients

Week 50: GROW Clients

Week 51: REactivate Clients

Week 52: Sales Funk


“Systematic onboarding brings new employees up to speed 50% faster, which means they’re more quickly and efficiently able to contribute to achieving desired goals.”


A study by Accenture found that companies that, invest in training, receive  $4.53 for every $1 dollar spent – totaling a 353% ROI.


Return on Learning: Training for High Performance at Accenture


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