Your Free Week of Training. Week 1: Behavioral Goals

Access all 52 Monday Morning Sales Workouts + Management Training for You.

Management training for you. Done-for-you training for your team.

Sales Management Training to Fit Your Business

2-Part Training System designed to help you with decisions around hiring, compensation, and encouraging productivity AND give your team quality weekly training. 

Section 1: Monday Morning Sales Workouts

52 weeks of quick training modules to share with you team. Keep up with training & development with these done-for-you modules.

Section 2: Actionable Management Strategy Courses

6 full length courses (and counting) to help you with everything from more productive meetings, hiring and compensation plans.

Section 1

Monday Morning Sales Workouts

52 Videos • 52 Worksheets

52 weeks (1 Year) of quick training for your sales force. These Sales Workouts will free managers from having to develop new training every week. Leader guides, video walk-throughs, and worksheets included.


(A $520 VALUE)

Section 2

Management Courses

Practical and immediately applicable training for all the roadblocks managers face. Have more productive meetings (yes, really), hire better people, and create a compensation plan that will keep those hires around for longer. 


(A $190 VALUE)

Free Preview: Watch Intro for all Management Courses

Rescue a Struggling Salesperson

Every manager faces the dilemma of whether to keep or terminate a salesperson. I’ll give you the framework to determine if there is potential and how to improve their performance. Learn how to help a struggling salesperson by putting them on a well-defined plan of action.

Sales Force Management Series

Building a  B2B Sales team. Raise your expectations for what your team can achieve and use the same growth techniques that Victor used to grow his sales team’s revenue from 14 M to 98 M in a 2.5 year time frame. 

PROductive Meetings Series

Define High Leverage Activities, find your Champion and create actionable plans for your next project. 

Hire Smarter Series

How do you hire smart people who execute what you need them to do? Get the framework for a consistent hiring process that produces high performers. 

Developing a Sales Culture Series

‘Sales Culture’ can be more than just a buzzword. In this video series we’ll breakdown what that term actually means and give you the framework to execute on. 

Developing a Sales Compensation Plan

Salespeople are motivated by how much money or commissions they can make.  To motivate them properly, you must develop a plan that GUIDES their behavior.

Lifetime Access to Management Courses

$ 149
  • Section 1: Monday Morning Sales Workouts (WORTH $520)
  • Section 2: Manager Courses (WORTH $190)
  • Lifetime Access to EVERYTHING
  • The Complete Ebook Library
  • Access to any new Management Courses


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