Training for Results: Formula

If you’re a manager or trainer who has to teach teams of people or onboard new hires, this one is for you.


  This is a technique I use in my training and keynotes that I’ve found has a great impact and increases retention.  Anyone can use this formula to coach or train more effectively. 


  So, let’s say you have 90 minutes of training (or keynote time, coaching session, etc)

Take 1/3 of your time (30 minutes) to explain the concept to its fullest. 


  Now, explaining the concept is one thing. Getting someone to understand it, is another. That’s why the next two-thirds of the presentation is crucial to making information stick and engaging your audience.


 For the next 30 minutes, you want to do an exercise or case study. This really demonstrates and shows the concept in a real-life scenario. 


  The last 3rd, make them think about this concept is applicable to their lives.  “Now it’s your turn to tell me how you (students, audience, salespeople) would use this concept”. Let them sit there and work through the concept. Then, have a discussion where you’re able to reflect on what they’re saying, how they’re using the tools, and provide some course correction (if necessary).

The formula simplified is: 

Explain+ Examples+ Personal Application = Better Retention.


  We give people information, but we don’t really teach them how it applies to them or why it’s useful. Because they don’t have that reference point to apply to their lives, the audience won’t remember what you’re telling them.  

  In order to make information really ‘stick,’ we have to explain how and why it’s useful and give people a chance to reflect on how it could be useful for their lives/ sales/ bottom line.   

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