Day 2: The Drip

  Next up is the socialization tactic – AKA something called the ‘drip method’ -that’s where you begin dripping the information that price increases are coming. You can slowly prep your clients for an impending price increase in the future. You can send several email campaigns, calls, or notifications of what to expect. 



 It’s almost like a ‘price increase campaign’ you’re starting by frequently mentioning that the prices might be going up. Then, you can give them reasons why they’re going up (see #1). 


  By not dropping the news on them cold, you’re prepping them for the inevitable and they won’t be as shocked when it finally does happen. 



  Begin to mention supply chain, product costs, equipment costs, etc that are bound to drive prices up. You’re giving your clients time and space to socialize the price change in their minds.


  Have you tried this tactic before? Let me know in the comments!  

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