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Having a sales process will allow you and your salespeople to be consistent and be able to measure their sales effectiveness. Salespeople with a process earn, on average, 48% more than those without a solid process in place.

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Frustrated because you don't understand what does or doesn't work? This course is for anyone who wants their day-to-day to run like a well-oiled machine.

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Lesson 1: Sales Reset

Lesson 2: How Selling Has Changed 

Lesson 3: Why Buyer’s Don’t Want More Information

Lesson 4: The Next Level in a Presentation 

Lesson 5: Stop Persuading

Lesson 6: Beyond Selling a Solution

Lesson 7: A Relationship is NOT Enough

Lesson 8: It’s NOT About the Price

Lesson 9: Beyond Differentiation

Lesson 10: Selling is DEAD

Lesson 11: Avoid Standardization 

Lesson 12: It’s About Pull Marketing

Lesson 13: A Better Alternative to Negotiation

Lesson 14: Social Proximity Matters

Lesson 15: Does Value Still Count?

Lesson 1: Introduction 

Lesson 2: Sell More Faster and Make More Money

Lesson 3: Profile and Qualify Your Clients

Lesson 4: Qualify Early 

Lesson 5: Getting 4 Types of Buyers Engaged

Lesson 6: Dealing with “No Show” Situations

Lesson 7: Influencers – Inviting People with No Power, But Much Influence

Lesson 8: Preparation When Client Initiates Meeting

Lesson 9: How to Set Meeting Expectations

Lesson 10: Delivering a Tailored Presentation

Lesson 11: Anticipate Objections

Lesson 12: (Sales) Proof Tool Kit

Lesson 13: Differentiate Your Product

Lesson 14: Anticipate Objections

Lesson 15: Plan of Action for Quick Approval

Lesson 16: Generate Report

Lesson 17: Make the Buying Process Easy

Lesson 18: Summary on Shortening the Sales Cycle

Lesson 1: How to Handle Inbound Email Leads

Lesson 2: Preference Formation – Buying Process

Lesson 3: Trigger Events

Lesson 4: Informed Buyer Research

Lesson 5: Learning More about the Client  

Lesson 6: How to Answer the Questions 

Lesson 7: Using Online Resources

Lesson 8: Handling the Phone Conversation

Lesson 9: Developing an Inbound Selling Process

Lesson 1: Introduction to Selling

Lesson 2: Acquiring the Sales Mindset

Lesson 3: Doing Your Feature/Benefit Inventory 

Lesson 4: Profiling Your Ideal Client

Lesson 5: Developing a Comparative Matrix (analysis)

Lesson 6: Creating Your Sales Process

Lesson 7: Meeting the Client & Asking the Right Questions 

Lesson 8: What to Include in Your Presentation 

Lesson 9: Best Way to Demo Your Product or Service 

Lesson 10: Types of Pricing Options to Use 

Lesson 11: Sales Process Review & Things to Remember

Lesson. 1: Why Ask?

Lesson. 2: Why you don’t ask.

Lesson. 3: Client Resistance

Lesson 4: Quick Tip

Lesson 5: Stop Calling Them Referrals

Lesson 6: Timing

Lesson 7: Where to Find Referrals: Datamining

Lesson 8: Where to Find Referrals: Friends and Family

Lesson 9: Social Media Quick Tip

Lesson 10:  Recap. 

Lesson 11: Narrow Your Request

Lesson 12:  Quick Tip: Ask for Help

Lesson 13: Ask via Email Script

Lesson 14: Referral Request

Lesson. 15: Quick Tip: 1/Day

Lesson 16: Follow up Plan

Lesson. 17: Share on the Website

Lesson 18: Referral Ring

Lesson 19: Affiliate Programs

Lesson 20: “The” Call

Lesson. 21: Recap  and. Going Forward 


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