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Clients are more demanding than ever and require salespeople to have an intimate understanding of their product and how it can help the client’s business.

Completing this course will help you:

What Will I Get?


Anyone who needs to shift buyers away from price and towards your product's value. Value-centric selling is crucial to any sales process. Prospects care about one or more of the following: 1) Reduce cost 2) Increase revenue 3) Expand market share

HEre are the courses you'll geeet:

Lesson 1: The Shift in Selling 

Lesson 2: Sales Philosophy 2.0

Lesson 3: Value Impact

Lesson 4: Product Descriptions

Lesson 5: Feature/Benefit Inventory

Lesson 6: Target Market

Lesson 7: Buyer Types

Lesson 8: Datamining

Lesson 9: Sales Process

Lesson 10: Buying Process

Lesson 11: Sales Scenario

Lesson 12: Client Mindset – Feature/Benefit Inventory

Lesson 13: Target Market

Lesson 14: Buyer Types

Lesson 15: Datamining Review

Lesson 16: Sales Process

Lesson 17: Buying Process

Lesson 18: Sales Scenario

Lesson 19: Economic Mindset

Lesson 20: Value Centric Sales Model

Lesson 21: Sales Proof Tools

Lesson 22: Types of Insight

Lesson 23: Anticipate and Block Objections

Lesson 24: Sales Process-Presentation Phase

Lesson 25: Sales Narrative and Key Messages

Lesson 26: Presentation Inventory

Lesson 27: Presentation Sequencing

Lesson 28: Presentation Slide Layout

Lesson 29: ROI Sales Scenario

Lesson 30: (3) ROI Issues

Lesson 31: ROI Calculations

Lesson 32: Why Clients Don’t Buy

Lesson 1: Developing a Sales Conversation

Lesson 2: Structuring Your Sales Presentation for Today’s Informed Buyer

Lesson 3: Developing Attention Grabbers (examples) 

Lesson 4: Widen the Gap = Urgency 

Lesson 5: Future Pacing a Buyer – What Will Happen 

Lesson 6: Discuss Market Options 

Lesson 7: Position Yourself as an Authority 

Lesson 8: Talk Differentiators 

Lesson 9: Using Data & Studies

Lesson 10: Achieving a Collaborative Discussion

Lesson 11: Extracting Their Point Of View (POV) 

Lesson 12: Gaining Commitment 

Lesson 13: Advancing the Sales

Lesson 14: Lead them to your solution

Lesson #1: Introduction to Objection Rules

Lesson #2: “I’m not ready to commit.”

Lesson #3: “Send me a proposal.”

Lesson #4: “Your price is too high.”

Lesson $5: “Your price is too high compared to your competitor.”

Lesson #6: “That’s more than I expected to pay.”

Lesson #7: “Can I get a discount (better price)?”  

Lesson #8: “How much does it cost?”

Lesson #9: “I’m just looking around (browsing).”

Lesson #10: “Let me think about.”

Lesson #11: “I need to speak with my spouse (boss).”

Lesson #12: “I need to do more research or Get other Bids.”

Lesson #13: “I’ll get back to you.”

Lesson #14: “We’re happy with our current supplier.”

Lesson #15: Review and Final Thoughts


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