S.M.A.R.T Goals

If you’re a manager or a coach, here are 5 SMART questions to explore the next time a team member falls short of their target (goal):


Skills: Do they possess the necessary skills (e.g., knowledge, training) to perform at that level?


Motivation: Are they motivated enough (e.g., energy and level of excitement) to do their job?


Adaptability: Do they have the ability to change (e.g., strategy and tactics) with the market?


Resources: Dod they have the resources (e.g., money, mentors, tools) they needed to get the job done?


Time: Did they allocate their time to the right tasks (i.e., high leverage activities)?


Use the SMART framework for an honest coaching discussion of “What happened?” Hopefully, you’ll be able to identify areas of improvement to ensure success or at a minimum improve performance.

How to Manage Difficult People

Have smoother conversations and use influence techniques to get the most out of your people. 

Rescue struggling salespeople and help them succeed.

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