How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Sales

What You'll Learn

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world of selling! Functions that were once the domain of salespeople will be transformed or obliterated. The predictive power of these new algorithms is changing the way sales organizations function. The fact is virtually every stage of the traditional sales pipeline is now ripe for disruption as companies enthusiastically invest in AI applications that will sharply enhance critical sales functions and develop more efficient sales processes. In this keynote I reveal my 8 predictions for the future of selling and how A.I. will impact an organization and how to begin implementing an A.I Framework to help reduce cost, increase revenue and expand market share.


  • – The Evolution of Sales

  • – Natural Language Processing

  • – The Death of SERP

  • – Impact on SDR’s and CSR’s

  • – Sales AI Chatbot (Tesla Case Study)

  • – Passing the Turing Test 

  • – What are ChatGPT Agents?

  • – The Rise of Micro Enterprises

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