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Stay Mentally in the Game

Selling Through a Recession: Upside of a Downmarket

It’s so easy – too easy- to go negative once talk of a recession starts. There are people who will only talk about the downsides – “I don’t think they’ll buy this quarter, why even try”


“No one is spending any money, there’s no point in picking up the phone”


The moment you buy into that, you’re out of the game. 


There’s another group of salespeople who know that no matter what is happening, someone is always buying. That’s the winning mindset. 


“The market can’t stay stagnant”


“There’s ALWAYS someone buying”


Quick tips to ‘stay in the game’:


  1. Remember what the winning mindset salespeople say: someone is ALWAYS buying. They are always looking to you, the salesperson, to guide them towards products or services that will help their business out of a rut. 
  3. Take your game to the next level. Get educated on the market conditions for your product and your client’s market. How can you help educate them on what’s going on in the market?

Customers are looking to you more than ever to bring them solutions that can help their business. Ask yourself:

  • How can I serve my customer?
  • How can I help my customer stay in the game? 

The best way to uncover the answers to this question is to ask – “What do you need?” Or “What can I help you with?” If you have a good relationship with them, they’re going to tell you everything you need to know. 


This series, Selling in a Recession, is all about what tactics and strategies you can deploy to sell to today’s hesitant buyers. As we move through a recession, we have to stay positive and look for ways to connect with new buyers and stay focused on how we can help clients in order to help ourselves.


A recession brings with it downsides, but it has also some upsides (i.e. a silver lining).

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