Stay motivated through a downturn

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Set RAnges, not targets

Motivation = f(expectations)

Motivation is a function of expectations. As in, if I put in time/money/effort, then I expect success/results.

and when I don’t get that expectation, my motivation goes down. This can be a problem to your motivation whether you’re an entrepreneur testing new waters or a salesperson trying to hit quota.


Not hitting your expectations can be a DEmotivator and cause a spiral of low morale. So how do we avoid this trap and stay motivated, despite less-than-ideal outcomes?


Let’s look at how we set our expectations and where they come from:


Maybe you’re listening to someone else (follow this process and earn $10,000 your first month).

You guessed a number or goal in your based on how you think things will work out.

You saw other people do the same thing, and you thought you could replicate their success.

Here’s my secret: I still set expectations, I just don’t set target expectations, I set ranges.

For money: I want to make 20k immediately

I want to make between $xx – $xxx amount.


For Date ranges: I want to lose 15 lbs in 2 months

I want to lose 15 pounds within 1-3 months.


For Possibility: I want to generate $xx off this new idea.


I want to generate money off this idea, but I can also use it as a lead gen tool to nurture new leads.


Motivation is a function of expectation, and I can’t change reality but I can change how strictly I define success. I am not getting demotivated once that target isn’t hit because I am allowing for other good possibilities and widening my expectation gap.

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