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Onboard Faster & Increase Retention

What the science tells about training and increasing content retention doesn’t match with how businesses are currently onboarding people. 

In this masterclass, you will discover new training methods that not only help you train faster but how you can make the training durable (i.e., make it stick).

– Find out why practice, practice and practice doesn’t work.


– Understand how neuroplasticity works and how to apply to training.


– Learn 3 ways of training that will increase retention and comprehension


– Which learning style is more effective: auditory, kinestetic or visual


– 10 things you can do to make ‘content sticky’ and easy to recall


– Train new hires or existing salespeople on scientifically proven methods of – purposeful practice (it’s not what you think).


– Avoiding the ‘Illusion of Knowing’ 


– How to use the Elaboration Method for better comprehension and memory recall


– Why re-reading material doesn’t work for long-term memory


– When is the best time to give corrective feedback


– Why a ‘memory plug’ can help you learn more


– Increase your memory recall of crucial content


Here is What You'll Get:


Live Masterclass with Communication & Sales expert, Victor Antonio.


Ample Q&A time to make sure you understand AND can use everything you learned.


Actionable strategies and techniques to implement a better onboarding strategy.

You'll Benefit From This If:

If you want to increase your ability to retain information.

Need employees to absorb information faster AND actually be able to use it long-term.

Communicate & lead more effectively


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  • 90-Minute Masterclass
  • Live Q&A and participation
  • 3-Month Access to Sales Velocity Academy (Salespeople & Managers)
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Seeing is believing. Watch some of Victor’s management and leadership content. 

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