Become a Story Selling Expert – Sales After Dark Takeaway How do you become a great storyteller when you’re selling? How do you use stories to communicate your message to your clients? Find out on this Sales After Dark Takeaway episode.


Sales Velocity Academy covers the 8 Dimensions of Selling. Boost your earning potential with on-demand sales training by Victor Antonio. 


(8 Courses) Need a reliable way to find qualified buyers or tactics to talk to the real decision makers? Start here. 


(6 Courses) The foundation of your day-to-day. Create a solid and efficient revenue-boosting sales process. 

Product IQ

(4 Courses) Confidently talk to prospects about the value of your product and it’s unique value proposition. 


(7 Courses) Persuade clients by asking questions and understanding buyer psychology. No pushy, ‘A.B.C’ tactics here. 


(4 Courses) Ways to frame your product and position its value in the eyes of the customer. 

Positive Mental Attitude

(7 Courses) Sales can be tough. Reframe rejection and the profession of sales to give you a happier, more confident career. 


(4 Courses) Have smoother conversations with clients while promoting yourself and your product.


(5 Courses) Not closing deals after your presentation? Prospects are not hearing the value in your pitch or how it can help them. Revamp your presentation here. 


~ $2/Day. Monthly Subscription.
$ 45 per month


All Existing Courses for Salespeople and any new courses.
$ 524
One-Time Payment


365 Days of Access
$ 224
Per Year. Does NOT Autorenew.

What's included (All Plans):

EXCLUSIVE: Sales After Dark (Sales Velocity Members Only)

NEW: Once a month, you'll get exclusive access to Victor's Inner Circle. A LIVE Q&A consultation sessions for members only.

L(earn) on Any Device

Mobile, tablet or desktop. Anywhere with an internet connection.

8 Dimensions of Selling.

Boost your earning potential with scripts, strategies, and tactics backed by psychology.

Ebook Library

9 Ebooks written by Victor Antonio are included in your membership. Sales Influence, The Greatest Gift, Sales Ex Machina, Selling Ain't Hard, The Tao of Selling, Winning Back the Business, Sales Psycho, and the Logic of Success.

Certificate for Each Module

A Certificate after each module completion for: prospecting, process, product IQ, promotion, pricing, presentation, persuasion, and positive mental attitude.

Victor sales training in a stadium

Once again, we thank you for the outstanding VIRTUAL keynote and Q&A session. Your energy traveled thousands of miles away via Zoom and it was effective! The audience loved it.”

Gian Karlo Evasco, Training Officer AyalaLand Premier

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