Perfect Close 2.0

à la James Muir

The Perfect Close by James Muir is a great book that gives you a great method of closing AND goes above and beyond to show you how to engage, build rapport, and connect with clients before you ask for the close. 


According to James Muir, The Perfect Close is basically 2 steps ( A close here can be defined by securing an agreement for the next meeting or actually closing the sale).

After you’re finished with your presentation, demo/ phone call, etc, you can ask the question:


 “Does it make sense to ________”


Does it make sense to have another meeting with other decision makers? 


Does it make sense to sign the contract?


Whatever next steps make sense to you in your sales process. 

If they say ‘yes’ – great! You’ve secured the close. 


If they say ‘no’, you can respond:  “what do you suggest the next steps should be?”

or “What do you suggest as the next step?”


This is a brilliant response because James understands that sometimes in sales you have to give control to take control. You put the onus on the prospect as to what the next steps will be. 


In the book, James talks about sales reactance and how putting pressure on someone to buy (the ABC, Always Be Closing method), doesn’t work anymore. People have more access to information or buying than ever before. This approach is for a modern, more informed buyer in today’s market. 


In every class I do, I always tell my clients to take what you’ve learned and ‘make it yours’, put your own twist on it so it feels natural to you. 


My ‘Victor Antonio’ twist on the first closing question of “Does it make sense to _______” 

is something a little more assertive.

“The next step would be to __________. How does that sound?”

“The next step would be to sign the contract so we can get you set up quickly. How does that sound?”

This fits ME better, as my selling style.

What works better for you? How would you put your own twist on either of these closing statements?

I want you to think about and rehearse your close and find a fit that’s right for you. 56% of salespeople never ask for the next step or call to action (Forrester). I think this is because they’re scared of rejection OR they haven’t practiced their Perfect Close.


I highly recommend the Perfect Close by James Muir (it has a coveted spot on my Golden Bookshelf!). 

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