Top-Notch Trainer

If you’re a sales professional who has been looking for a way to become your own boss and own your own sales training business, this Top-Notch Trainer certification program is for you!

Founder & CEO

Victor Antonio

I’m the author of 12 books on sales and motivation and the founder
of the Sales Velocity Academy. The Sales Velocity Academy is one of the most comprehensive online learning platforms to learn how to sell,…faster.

Sales Velocity Trainers

I’m looking to bring on Certified Sales Trainers

who want to learn how to train other sales
professionals using my sales training courses.

-Victor Antonio

A qualified sales trainer can earn anywhere from $2,500 to $20,000/ keynote or workshop

The Benefits

You’ll be trained by Victor Antonio himself.

Starting your own sales training and/or consulting business

Leverage the Sales Velocity Academy’s video courses

Be featured on Victor Antonio’s website as an authorized Sales Velocity Trainer

Use the training programs and manuals already developed by Victor Antonio; you don’t have to create the training programs.

train the trainer • train the trainer • Train the trainer

I've never offered this publicly before.

And since those who are accepted into the program will be a direct reflection on myself and the Sales Velocity Academy, I will only be selecting a very limited number of experienced salespeople into the training.

When you complete this training, you will be CERTIFIED to train, coach, consult and keynote using the tools and knowledge you’ll acquired as a Sales Velocity Trainer.  In other words, you’ll be ready to launch your own Sales Training Business.  

Based on my knowledge of the market and my experience, here are a few ways you can earn using what you’ll learn: 

The ranges above should be used as estimates as the real earning potential will depend on your experience, your delivery, and your ability to market yourself.  

If you’re ready to invest in your business and in yourself, apply here and talk to one of our certified sales consultants. 

-Victor Antonio

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