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Upselling Conversation Starters

Let’s dive into more advanced examples you can use to start an upselling conversation.


1) Earlier on, I’ve told you about. I think this could help you, here’s why”

You’re moving the close along. The client has committed to the original purchase. This is what we’d describe as a ‘call back’ or any anchor. You can anchor or condition a buyer early on in a conversation to use a call back. It seems natural because they mentioned it before and it shows them that you were listening. 



2) “If it were me, I would do this. Here’s why”




“If it were mine to do, I’d also add this. Here’s why…”


The customer might be unsure or looking for guidance from you. You’re trying to create a custom buyer experience as the subject domain expert. By letting them know what you’d do, you’re giving informed advice and helping the customer make a decision that will help them down the road. 


If a customer is considering buying something and there is a product that would make sense as a compliment. You can say this:


3) “If you’re going to buy X, you might as well buy Z, and here’s why. “

When they’re about to write that check or put in their credit card, you can say this to transition into a reason they should upgrade.

Selling is all about matching up people with services that will help them get to where they want to go. If you know an extra product will enhance their experience, use these phrases for a smooth transition into the upsell and a better outcome.


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