Upselling Conversation Starters

Part 1

In this 3-part series, we’re going to cover upselling conversation starters. 

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, once you know you’ve made the sale, sometimes you want to find a way to upsell or cross-sell the customer.

If you’re lucky, an upsell feature might be obvious which would make an upsell easy. But typically, the buyer is trying to justify in their mind:

“Do I need this?

Will I use it if I spend $XX?

You want to help the client with their thought process by giving them justification and reasons that they do need to add or upgrade what you’re selling.

So, without seeming anxious or overzealous, how do you start an upselling conversation?

The first thing to keep in mind, each statement or suggestion should be accompanied by a reason. You want to give the client solid rationalization for why they should spend the extra $. 


1) “Will that be enough?”

Create a mindset of scarcity – you want to create a little bit of doubt in the customer’s mind that they might not be getting everything they need to succeed. Customers don’t like being limited or left wanting. If your customer isn’t thinking long-term, and they’re not realizing what they bought won’t be enough. 

Let’s say you’re selling computers. You can say something like this: 

“Based on what you’ve told me and how you’re going to use it, will there be enough storage?

Here’s why I am asking: because you’re planning to do XYZ, you might run out of storage sooner than you think.”

If you sell services like cell phone plans: 

“Will 500 minutes be enough? Based on last month’s usage, you almost hit your limit. For every overage minute, you’ll be charged $XX”

We asked the question THEN provided justification based on the information they’ve already provided. 


2) “By the way…”

By the way, what you’ve bought already includes this (XX). But, you’ll also need to have XYZ. Here’s why I think this is important (Insert reason).


The ‘why’ reason after the ‘Upsell Starter’ helps them justify new features. This communicates that you have a reason for an upsell and you’re not trying to just slip in some extra cash from a sale. 


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