Value-Centric Selling

June 30th, 9 AM-12PM EST

This date has passed! You can still access the recording. 

by Victor Antonio

Learn how to position your value, not your price.

 Too often we sell our products without understanding what we’re really selling! Understanding what a product cost is not the same as understanding what the value of the product is. The result? Salespeople sell with less confidence, are quick to give discounts and the client ends up undervaluing what you’re selling.

Value-Centric Skills

Position Your Value, Not Your Price

Module 1

 •The Shift in Selling
• Sales Philosophy 3.0
• Value Impact – Ball Example
* Positioning Products and/or Services

Module 2

• Creating Product Descriptions
• Feature/Benefit (Product) Inventory
• Target Market
• Buyer Types
• Data-mining

Module 3

• Value PresentationProcess
• Defining the Buying Process
• Client’s Economic Mindset
• Value-Centric Sales Model
* The L.E.A.P. Value Formula
• Sales Proof Tools
• Using Insight with an Example

Module 4

• Types of Insight
• Anticipate Objections
• Blocking Objections & Example demos

• Key Messages
• Presentation Phase

Module 5

• Ignorance Tax in Selling
* 8 Discounting Countermeasures
• Sales Narrative
• Presentation Value Inventory
• Presentation Sequence

Module 6

• ROI Sales Scenario
• Isolating Client Issues
• 1st Example: ROI Critical Issue
•2nd  Example: ROI Critical Issue
• 3rd Example: ROI Critical Issue
• ROI Calculations

Intensive Training That Works

Each masterclass is taught by Victor Antonio – experienced sales executive.

After building a successful 20-year career as a top sales executive, Victor Antonio became a globally sought-after sales speaker and trainer.

With over 192,000 Youtube subscribers and over 3 million podcast downloads, Victor knows how to engage an audience virtually; learn from the master! You’ll learn how to position your value, not your price AND adapt to any sales situation. 

Learn what works, but more importantly, learn what doesn’t work!


Value-Centric Selling

$ 222 One Time Payment
  • 3-Hour Virtual Masterclass
  • Access to the Recording
  • 3- Months Access to Sales Velocity Academy ($180 Value)

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