Why Managers Matter

According to Gartner, 24% of inside salespeople are looking for a different gig.


The most prominent reason cited is compensation plans. Managers don’t always take the time to design a compelling compensation package that incentivizes growth. 

The second reason is the quality of leadership; leaders who don’t guide or empathize with their team are triggers for people to look for new opportunities. 


The third is lack of feedback or engaging their employees in meaningful work.  When you Overlap compensation, respect and appreciation, work for a great leader is the Drive (to borrow a phrase from Daniel Pink) that motivates people to stay and thrive at your company. 


Part of being a great leader is engaging your employees in meaningful work that helps them understand how they fit in, is what keeps them around. 

If your boss tells you to complete a task,  but you don’t understand how it fits into the bigger picture, what KPI’s would be affected, or why it matters, you won’t feel like your work is that meaningful and you won’t engage. 


According to the most recent poll, 36% (gallup) are engaged. The other percentage of workers are not engaged and cost the US economy upwards of 6 billion/year. How much productivity is your company losing?


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